TrueCool Conformal Cooling Inserts

Вставки спец. охлаждения TrueCool (Conformal Cooling)

Традиционная система охлаждения – оптимальна ли она? Как улучшить охлаждение и добиться большей свободы при конструировании пресс-формы? Такие возможности открывает система со вставками TrueCool с гибкой геометрией каналов охлаждения. В ролике наглядно демонстрируются ее достоинства – время цикла короче почти на 60%, выше производительность, больше свободы при конструировании формы, лучше и стабильнее качество изделий.

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Dove Tail Collapsible Cores

The DT Series Collapsible Core provides a more compact and simplified solution to molding challenging internal undercut features such as o-ring grooves, slots and snap-fit designs.

  • Positive mechanically actuated
  • 5%-7% collapse per side
  • Buil-in center cooling channel
  • Standard and Custom sizes available

Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Device

The DME Helical Gear Centering Device for Stack Mold Systems is highly effective for synchronizing two or more parting line openings. Its small footprint accommodates side entry robots and/or secondary injection units. Lightweight assemblies with aluminum housings enable easy assembly and maintenance. The units are easily adjustable to compensate for machining inaccuracies or stack height adjustments. Three sizes are available to accommodate virtually all applications.

Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders

By eliminating the heel blocks required by typical hydraulic cylinders, the Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinder from DME enables smaller molds, simpler assemblies and lower overall costs. This video animation provides an inside look at the Core Pull's actuation technology.

VectorForm Lifter Systems

Taking LIfter Systems to the next level.

  • 30 degree+ angle — half the stroke for the same undercut
  • Simple plate machining
  • Easy installation
  • Accelerate or decelerate the motion of the lifter core relative to the ejector plate
  • Cooling may be added
  • Improved design flexibility

Video Testimonial — The Value of DME

Tim Anderson of Byrne Tool & Die in Rockford, MI, discusses the value of DME's essential support of the company's mold build process. As the toolmakers mold base supplier, DME provides engineering expertise, mold base standardization and timely delivery it takes to keep Byrne's customers satisfied. Learn more about the full line of DME mold bases and plates.

External Latch Lock

Precise Precision of Floating Plates

Internal Latch Lock

Custom Pins, Sleeves and Blades

For your next challenging application that requires something special, choose custom pins, sleeves and blades from the leader in mold technologies products and services. 

Solutions for Molding Undercuts

Bob Salhaney presents a broad range of solutions for molding undercuts

2-Stage Ejectors

Providing positive, precise ejection control, DME 2-Stage Ejectors are adaptable to a variety of mold base sizes and plate thicknesses. This 3D animation of the mold action and part ejection for a top-last application includes a cut-away for greater insight as well as a breakdown of the ejector's sub-components. These ejectors are also available in bottom-last configuration. Learn more about DME 2-Stage Ejectors.

Collapsible Core

Expandable Cavity B Side Striker

Expandable Cavity A Side Striker

Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles vs. Brass Baffles

Compared to traditional brass baffles, Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles from DME increase heat transfer and cool parts more quickly. The result: 20% faster cycle times. Discover how it works in this side-by-side comparison of a traditional straight brass baffle, a spiral brass baffle and the Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffle. With water flowing as it would in a typical mold cooling channel, you'll see how the other baffles allow blow-by, which keeps the cooling water from getting as close as possible to the warm part. Turbulent Flow, meanwhile, eliminates the blow-by, maximizing cooling efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles.

Master Unit Die — MUD Quick-Change Systems

The Master Unit Die (MUD) Quick-Change System from DME enables fast production changeovers for maximum efficiency at an attractive cost. This video highlights the various options for frames, sizes and inserts. The U frame accepts 1 standard unit mold, H accepts 2 and the Double H accepts 4. Learn more about the MUD Quick-Change System.

Global Thinswitch

Dual Ring Mold Date Inserts

ProWeld Micro-Welding System

Precision Mold Repairs and Alterations Made Easy with ProWeld.
With only gentle pressure, ProWeld uses electrical pulses to fuse metal powder, metal sheets, strips or wire etc., to the contour of the mold under repair.

Hot Runner System Expertise

Turn to DME as your one essential resource for everything hot runners. We provide a complete range of hot runner products, from nozzles to full hot halves, built on nearly four decades of hot runner system innovation. This video shares some of that expertise, including tips on efficient and effective start ups, deburring demonstrations, verification of system stack-up dimensions, flow channel balance, installation demonstration, assembly and testing for thermal performance. Learn more about DME's hot runner products and services.

Demonstration: Hot Runner Thermocouple Positioning

For over 30 years, DME has advanced molders success through a full spectrum of essential hot runner systems and components — along with the expert support required to gain the greatest advantage from these powerful technologies. This video close-up shares some of that knowledge, demonstrating the correct positioning of a thermocouple at the end of the heater coil on a hot runner nozzle. Explore all of DME's thermal gate hot runner options.

IPC Process Controller Setup and Test